18 thoughts on “10 Things to do in Zagreb, Croatia Travel Guide

  1. Michael Bakeley says:

    Hey Samuel and Audrey,I must admit the background information you guys provide definitely separates your videos from the majority of travel vlogs with enormous  budgets. Keep up the great work and enjoy the truffles.

  2. mesillahills says:

    Outstanding and well done as usual. Your cinema & graphics/sound production skills, outstanding on-screen persona, and overall production efforts & quality do not go unnoticed.

  3. Josipa Lukinović says:

    Nice! You mentioned almost everthing worth visiting in Zagreb! About the coast – if you're planing to go island hopping be prepared that it's out of the season so many ferry connections are not available… (on the island od Rab is a great Christmas market!)

  4. vgshwk says:

    Loved the video of the male statue fountain holding I don’t know what. Sam looks like you like to wear hats I do it sometimes long travels and have take it off to enter another country and hate losing that comfort of taking it off after a long travel.

  5. marius smerea says:

    hello Sam & Audrey .. I'm very upset. My King Michael died. all the televisions are delivering the funerals. Mihai I is the only king who supremely invoked the Second World War. I love you guys!!!! Keep in touch!!!!!!!!

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