26 thoughts on “Beirut Travel Guide

  1. Attaché says:

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  2. Mohammad Abu-Saada says:

    With all these incredible images you have shown out there, but that’s just a small part of it, still many musical stories like old theaters, art galleries, war stories, ancient places and memories.. and of course Fayrouz

  3. British Military says:

    2:56 really? So, in a country barley hanging on to the NHS, with crime ever growing, letting in 10,000 people is not good. We have let on millions of immagrints, helped millions of people. Yet there are still thousands homeless, in poverty or in employed. So before you start judging my country, learn more. About it. It's a shit hole, because of immigration. It was fine, until we completely opened our borders. I had to wait nearly seven hours at my hospital, just to get a plaster and some glue. I live in Nottingham, a reasonably small city. Schools are growing bigger, houses aren't being built in time. So fuck you.

  4. kateemma22 says:

    Bless you for being unafraid to tell the truth. The Lebanese are wonderful people and I have not had the luck of going to Beirut yet but it's even higher on my list thanks to this. ♥️

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