30 thoughts on “TRAVEL TIPS: How to Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling

  1. Destaing Ewunzu says:

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  2. thegeneral123 says:

    With regards to where to keep your passport in a backpack. The easily accessible front zipper compartments are a huge no no. Unless you have a Pacsafe bag with security features. They are silly easy to dip. Most modern bags have a compartment close to the body that can be used to run a hydration bladder. Many can not be accessed easily when the pack is worn. Often people put a bit of foam in there for added padding. This is a great "secret" compartment to put your passport. Though, if the whole bag is snatched, which is a real risk. You will lose everything.

    Buy a cheap neck safe and put your passport and documents in that. As well as your day money.

  3. William Albert says:

    My feeling is that since I can learn how to carry a wallet without losing it, I should be able to manage a passport as well. I carry mine on my person in a secure pocket or deep inside a bag. I think a good option is to order both the passport book and the passport card. The card is sufficient in most places in the western hemisphere. You'll still need the passport book for air travel. Leave that in the hotel safe and carry the card in your wallet. If you are traveling under a visa in a country with strict passport rules do the opposite. Leave the card in the safe and carry the passbook. If you lose it, the card might help you get a replacement passport book from the consulate or embassy. The sewn on pocket is a great idea. Many pants and jackets have tilted pockets that look stylish but allow its' contents to fall out when you sit down.

  4. La division 50 says:

    Leave the passport in the hotel safe,and if you don't have a safe in your room then leave it at the front desk with the hotel concierge.And always photo copy your passport,and carry one photo copy with you at all times.

  5. Tea Time says:

    It's kinda sad what us Americans have to think of when visiting all these 3rd world countries. For example.. Who the fk would steal your passport in New York? LA? Vegas? no fkn body, none!

  6. Leon LeGant says:

    Some countries require by law that US citizens are required to carry their passport and visa (usually in the passport) on them at all times. Even the US State Department will specify which countries US citizens should carry their passport in at all times, even stating that US citizens have been detained and/or arrested in those countries for not carrying their passport.

  7. Mark K says:

    Under your bed? Really thats the first place any maid or hotel staff will be looking and I would say the worst place to possible to put your passport or anything you care about.

  8. Osca Alva says:

    never hide passport under mattress first place they look for shit bad tip inside pillow is good place to hide it
    and always make photo copy in color of your passport.

  9. Cool Chick Explosions! says:

    no sewing needed…try PortaPocket, instead. Easy to use and sweat resistant too. it's a super comfy, hands-free, modular carrying case system that works almost ANYwhere on your body, and either under or over your outfit. Wear it UNDER your clothing on your leg for your passport and you'll never have a problem. THE antidote for pickpockets….I won't leave home without it!

  10. HorizonRover says:

    In addition to picking the right place to keep your passport is … always travel with photo copies of your passport which of course you will store somewhere different than your actual passport.  This will help you get a replacement from the nearest consular/embassy when you report your passport stolen.

  11. ESUSAMEX says:

    I would not leave it at the hotel because many nations require foreigners to carry their documents while in the country. I was required to do this when I lived in Mexico. Failure to comply is a felony. I just used a money belt.

  12. Hüseyin says:

    I would like to share with everybody what Im thinking about travelling abroad..if you are going to travel abroad,,get read like you are going to war,go to military stores and buy something stuff (no weapon of course!) that it keeps your safety during travelling..I like military items and it makes me feel more powerful..if you do that like me,,you will be feeling same,too! ; ) I hope you understand me. ; )

  13. TravMonkey says:

    I used to make a judgement on whether to take it with me or not. Never lost it in two years of travel… always in the pocket or hidden in the room, I think my backpack would be a bit more vulnerable. Great tips.

  14. SnapItMark says:

    Thanks for the tip, I might try out copying the passport. But I just wanna share rly quickly my experience with cops in Madrid, I did what you actually said, I left my passport in hotel and then when I was walking down the random street with my brother police stopped us for normal checking, it was a bit weird because this happened first time, soo I was like yeah we are here on holidays but for safety reasons we left passports at hotel, and they almost gave us a ticket for not having proper ID on us… At the end we were saved by other police guy who said that they will give us a ride to hotel and we should bring passports out.. So my point is yea it's good to keep it safe in hotel but I dont know what you gonna do if you get ''normal checking'' by police, and I'm not really sure they will be happy with copy of your passport. 🙂

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