1. SL weera says:

    I do not agree turning our most sacred temple into a tourist attraction like Disney land. It is a place of religious worship and Buddhist visit the temple of tooth relic to pray. These tourists only visit to take photographs and disturb others who are praying. Also some of them are very disrespectful towards our holy temples. In my opinion we should not allow tourists from entering inside the temple it should only be for Buddhists. Other countries like Saudi Arabia or Rome don't allow ppl following other religions from entering their religious places. So why can't we do that? Stop caring about money and protect our most sacred temple and our kingdom Kandy!

  2. kuberan peranandan says:

    wanna see beautiful srilanka go north to jaffna go see the small island if you can handle it its way safer then colombo tamil people are very kind and generous take my word for it a check the islands up north out nothing much to really see but just the humbling experience you will like it

  3. Kallen Yan says:

    I stayed in that hostel when I was in Kandy…The breakfast there was pretty good! And about 1 km from the hostel, there is a restaurant called White House restaurant serving one of the best food I've ever had in Sri Lanka. They got both traditional Sri Lanka cuisine and other style cooked food. Highly recommended!

  4. Ram A says:

    Hi Jasmine your presentation so nice… and you also looking pretty good.. if possible please come to our state Karnataka Country India can cover so many places here.I hope you do the same.Thank you.

  5. Inclusive Outsider says:

    This is my moms home town, I think that lake is one what is called Tanks that where built in ancient times. I don't really remember what Sri Lanka was like Ive only been there once so I could be wrong. Great video though and it makes me want to visit one day.

  6. Amila Rathnayake says:

    beautiful video with clear explanation about my home town… if you visit again go for country side n explore some mountains.. you'll hve a wonderful time.. try Reverston, nuckels,adams peak, hortain plains etc.

  7. Chirantha Hettiarachchi KaLpAonLNpiAno says:

    . .☆Wow.Thx a lot.As Sri Lankans we must appreciate ur noble work.Really great…If u wish I would like to invite you again.Pls come this beautiful island Sri Lanka.Im an ordinary musician here.I can arrange ur accomodations,transports everything you need anytime.l !!!! ❤️
    Greetings from Chirantha,Sri Lanka……….

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