Acores (Portugal) Vacation Travel Video Guide

4 thoughts on “Acores (Portugal) Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. Helen V says:

    I was born in Pico and never in my life I knew or ever know there was a village named Cacharro. But Cachorro I have known of, and ppl still live there. Madalena also had and still has a tuna factory and it was a major industry on that side of the island.
    Also a few islands were not mentioned but are part of the arquipélago: Sta.Maria, São Jorge, Corvo.

  2. Carlos B says:

    Great promotion of the Azores by Expoza Travel. Obviously the presenter does not speak Portuguese, which is fine. However, I would like to point out the the proper pronunciation of Terceira phonetically. It is pronounced: Ter-say-ra…read as if it were written in English (i.e. say is pronounced like the word to 'say' as in something. Great video.

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