25 thoughts on “5 Tips For Traveling To Korea

  1. MsTigerseye77 says:

    Hi Megan! I love your videos. I traveled to Korea back in 2010 and I really wish I had your videos to give me so much information. The public transportation I found out about after my second day. My first day I took a limo bus to my hotel and was over charged by the baggage handler. I am so glad that you make your videos. New travelers to Korea would benefit from watching all of them. You give so much useful information in a humorous and memorable way. Keep doing what your doing. Love from GA!!!

  2. vanessa moreno says:

    MEGAN! I hope you see this, I want to go to Korea/Japan in the summer but this would be in Late May or Early June. Is the weather going to be horrible? Or should I wait until Sep/Oct. Also it will be me and my sister only so do you still recommend AirBnB or a hostle or guest house? And do you have any experience traveling from Korea to Japan or vice versa because I am trying to figuere out how to fly in or out and and how to hit up both countries

  3. b says:

    Ahhh man, that subway closing time is so frustrating! The tube (subway) here in london usually closes around 12am, latest 1 depending on the station lool its so frustrating, because London is such a metropolis! They've only RECENTLY introduced 24 hour tube on fridays and saturdays AND its only for certain lines :(… But I realised Tube stations here in London are actually very clean, I think subways close early in order to clean them? Maybe thats why in Seoul they close early :/ I heard the subway in New York is quite a shithole as well in terms of cleanliness, coz its 24 hours lol.

  4. Erika Somchay says:

    Hi Megan! I love ur videos nd i been watching them all this time before I came to korea. Im here in Gangnam Gu nd Im kinda feeling lonely nd blue cuz I do not know any body nd I di not know how to speak Korean language. Ill be here for 3 months : idk

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