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  1. Rediredi Juju says:

    I'm french and they really managed to show the city as it really is. I'm from the North and the climate is so much more pleasant in Nice (pronouced like in "see"). By the way, there is a mistake at the beginning: it's "Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur.

  2. jaquelinepoca10 says:

    Nice, conheço e fui várias vezes, com meu esposo, sogra e sogro. Depois foram meus filhos comigo. A Av. a beira da praia é excelente para caminhar e ver os turistas, os hoteis de luxo, cassino. Eu me encantei com essa cidade. O aeroporto é na costa da cidade de Nice. Você sai do areroporto e já depara com a cidade.

  3. Neirea Heydensee says:

    As always, many many many clichés. Very stupid. Why always accordeon music ? Why always only show the old city side and never the new side ? Always restaurant, fruits. Im belgian living in France, cliché like that are stupid and boring. And it's about The 5th world economy….

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