34 thoughts on “How Expensive is New York City ? – Travel Tips

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  2. Radames Vlogs says:

    OMG NYC is really expensive, yet.. It makes sense if you want to stay in TimeSquare like i did recently, I went to Havana Central and my check was like $300 lol. I'm sure you can save lots of more money, taxis are pricey, I hate Ubering in NYC the drivers don't know their city that well, hope you're doing well, love this video.

  3. Chasing The Odd Shaped Ball says:

    I did one week in NYC on US$120. One tip I'd recommend particularly if you are using the subway a lot is to invest in the 7 Day Unlimited Pass, it costs $32.00 and you can use it on most buses as well as the subway for an unlimited period for 7 days.

    In comparison to where I'm from, New York is VERY cheap. It costs $3.55 per ride on public anywhere in Brisbane if you have a special Go Card OR its $5.00 per ride without one. Also cheap food is in excess of $10 and we do have slices of pizza for $12! Yes that's right! $12 for a slice of pizza.

  4. MarlonPTY says:

    Great info and video Jon! Very informative, I will make sure I check out some of those delis next time I go up. Also, I want to try the kayaking in the Hudson that you showed us in one of your video. Good stuff!

  5. The New Travel says:

    What a great video idea Jon. This. Is. Awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

    To anyone who is new here, I would seriously recommend subscribing to this channel. Barr will make NYC a lot cheaper with all his cheap food videos!

  6. Jonathon Thomas says:

    I live in Atlanta and the grocery prices are the same. I love your videos! I'm coming to New York next weekend and I can't wait to go to little Manila for the first time!

    Another good tip if you're familiar with hostels, some hostels have two bed rooms and if you get both beds it's like you have a private room for like a $100 a night. Such is the case with Broadway Hotel & Hostel, where I always stay on the upper west side.

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