49 thoughts on “Bhutan (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. BAD POETRY WITH: Phillis Wivers says:

    So, let me get this straight… This country genuinely seems to care for its people in a multitude of ways, cares deeply about its wildlife, cares deeply about the environment that it's in, and has some of the most intriguing/nicest scenery I've ever seen in my life? And to top it off, they got a DRAGON on their flag?! Okay, that settles it. Where do I sign up to move to this place? I'm sold.

  2. halfvolley11 says:

    I just wish Bangladesh shared a border with Bhutan. A little bit of Bhutan and we are almost there and we would not have bear disgusting India and Burma as our neighbors. Greetings from a Bangladeshi.

  3. Gawaling Bhutan says:

    Bhutan is one of the most appealing destinations for tourists/travelers. It has such an incredible diversity of attractions and so much to offer that people find
    themselves coming back time and again. You will enjoy authenticity, remoteness
    and a well-protected cultural heritage and natural environment. Welcome to
    Bhutan, 2017!

  4. thamainbama says:

    In fact Bhutan is a sugar coated society. Bhutan has expelled its own citizens to Nepal based on its Racists Laws, quite recently. How can you say that this is a peaceful country?

  5. Kharga Magar अनन्त यात्री says:

    Bhutan is a beautiful country but dramatically Bhutanese Government drive away southern Bhutanese (Nepali speaker) in 1990 with support of discriminating law of December 31,1958. This was against the "Tamrapatra" (Treaty singned by King of Bhutan Zabdrung Nawang Namgel and King Gorkha Ram Shah) in 1624. Nepali speaker southern Bhutanese were taken to Bhutan by Zabdrung Nawang Namgel signing "Tamrapatra" in 1624 with King Ram Shah. So, Bhutan Government charges $200.00 above per day for visiting this country to make sure that let not foreigner and exiled Bhutanese can make a visit to the country.
    Also its main policy is played by India because Bhutan Government's foreign policy, security policy and financial policy are look after by India. Bhutan runs these three main policies on the direction of India,

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