34 thoughts on “VISITING PARIS : TOP 10 INSIDER’S TIPS / Paris Travel Guide

  1. Sandip Basu Mallik says:

    Nice video ! I went there in 2016 December . But Paris metro is very complicated have many lines with different colour I suggest tourist must get metro map and must understand the flow. Else it will be difficult and have to keep asking other .

  2. Keira Okami says:

    Hi! We are going to Paris in a few months with Eftours through my school, and I was wondering if the touristy places are less busy on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Also would you happen to know if Sainte-Chapelle is a good place to visit if we have free time after the Louvre and Notre Dome, I've heard it's beautiful but is it realistic in an aspect of time management.
    Also, how is the weather in late March?

  3. Eurodollar tv says:

    hello Parisasian girl i heard that over there at Paris it is cheaper to order whatever they have on the menu for that day instate ordering whatever you want to eat from the menu like in the USA . is that true? thanks.

  4. Ivan Boldyrev says:

    Bonjour ! Thank you for video!
    Could you, s'il vous plaît, add mentioned websites to description?

    P. S. I was in Paris month ago and enjoyed every day. 🙂 Your video is very useful, and very well done. 🙂

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