30 thoughts on “Jamaica (North-America) Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. Kraydo Wyno says:

    When was this documentary done? Jamaica looks nothing like that now. and slaves didn't seek solace in Christianity after being taken to the Island. They were beaten and killed if they didn't renounce their African heritage and embrace Christianity and all other forms of imperialism. I'm a History teacher and Researcher, these are facts.

  2. briantravelman says:

    What a beautiful, interesting and still largely unspoiled and authentic islands. Real shame that it has become so dangerous. And I had no idea there were crocodiles in Jamaica.

  3. Janet Cousins says:

    I know that this is a very dated video but why on earth was it introduced with steel-pan calypso-sounding music which was NEVER at any time a typical or really popular Jamaican music form.The narrator even says that Jamaicana live their lives at "reggae pace" hint,hint This type of "pan" music was and continues to be used mainly by some cluless, out of touch hoteliers who either are too lazy or chesp to go find good reggae and other types of real Jamaican music/bands to use in their in the entertainment packages This is one of the main reasons why some of their entertainment comes off as tacky, corny, out-dated and boring

  4. Happy Robins says:

    in this video I saw places and people I know, in the blue mountain area I saw a dreadlocks man who I once work with, he is also the baby father, of my sister baby father sister

  5. Real Jamaica says:

    Good job! Very nice and informative video. Thanks for uploading. Within the next two months I will relocate from Germany to Jamaica and, together with my brothers in Jamaica, I will start a small tourism business in Montego Bay, offering airport transfers in Montego Bay as well as authentic, individual day tours and excursions throughout Jamaica. "Out of Many, one People". Love and peace to everyone. Irie.

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