20 thoughts on “World’s deadliest tourist Destination.

  1. uchiha avenger says:

    bullshit you will find good and bad in all countries e.g places like london isnt safe for non whites due to crazy racists. that dosent mean you will get killed even though it is possible somalia is a chill place.

  2. TravelChannel05 says:

    Somalia is rising from the ashes. Inshaa Allah it will become the pearl of the Indian Ocean and the Islamic World once again. Thanks to Allah and our Turkish counterparts. Long live Somalia!

  3. Mike Kirre says:

    So if we visit your shit somalia we are supposed to respect your culture and be quiet and scared, but somalian immigrants and rape torture and disrespect europe citizens? fuck off somalia i hope every boat from somalia to europe get shot down by the navy and sinks to hell.

  4. Jordan Marshall says:

    Best line: "The United States doesn't even operate an Embassy in Somalia, so you are TRULY on your own"…lol! Do not go to Somalia! Obviously its to be avoided at all costs, no offense to the people there, but there are better/safe destinations. I'm guessing but if you are white basically you just have a giant target written all over yourself. It would be just a series of bribes and constant war-zone aloofness just to survive the hours of a day. Dear God don't go. Not for me.

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