19 thoughts on “How To Travel with a Toddler/Infant | Travel Tips for Parents

  1. Sebastian & Neslie says:

    Very helpful. I've been watched a lot of videos but your video tips are most helpful. Now i know i don't have to put my baby diaper bag on the overhead locker. It must be under the sit😁 .

  2. Robbin Tebbe says:

    Hi. We are planning a trip to Disney and I found your video. I noticed that your daughter is in the infant carry seat is that due to her weight or just ease of travel?

  3. Betty Joy says:

    Hi! This is such a great video! I've got some travel video's on my channel too as I travel with my toddler as well. We travel light though, with only carry on. Maybe you could check out how we manage it! We went to Europe over winter for almost 6wks. It was tough only having a small amount of luggage but so worth it with all the trains and ubers that we ended up having to take! Cheaper too on those smaller air companies that they have over there! Anyway, good luck with your future flights/trips! We have another trip coming up to New Zealand so looking for all the latest! It's always tricky with little ones in tow! Us mammas got to share all the tips we have and stick together! haha! xx

  4. Amai_Maple says:

    I don't even have a kid and yet I enjoy watching lol. But It might come in handy if i know people traveling with toddlers so i can recommend them to watch this video ^-^

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