21 thoughts on “Essential Travel Tips: Money & ATM cards (Be prepared!!!)

  1. Beyond The Stars says:

    Hey i have a question , for example , if i want to withdraw $100 USD from my debit card in thailand, i'll get 100 thai bahat right? nothing would change? ATM don't do exchanges i think??? hope u answer me asap

  2. The Trumpanzee Hunter says:

    IN POKARA,NEPAL i tried to get money on my debit bank card from one of the few ATMs . they refused because it expired the day before. it hit me i was on the other side of the world with no money. i dug thru the lint in my pockets, got back to kathmandu back to bangkok where the ATM card worked. so i went to chang mai, laos boat ride on mekong to ventiane.
    i was going trekking in nepal, went on a 2 day boat ride down the mekong river instead, where i heard about Pushkar Faire.

  3. Alhumbra 30 says:

    Hey Gabe:) Im traveling to Santiago in June 2017, so excited but i will be vigilante and take your advice on board aswell as have a good time:),i'll only be going for a month and hope to see maybe agentina,bolivia or peru, see how i go!!:)

  4. Global Adventurer says:

    If anyone reading this is new to international traveling, what Gabriel stated is so true. Keep some extra money on you at all times, especially when in travel mode. I specially purchased several curriences (British Pounds, Euros, Kunas (croatia before they became EU) and brought along about $200 (extra) on top of additional US$ from my bank prior to leaving the US on a 6 month trip back in 2013. Well, there were MANY unexpected incidents which required me to use those dollars and pounds.

    One of the more typiclal hidden fees are for buses when they have no room inside for your backpack and charge a fee to stow it in the belly on the spot. Every bus company handles this differently. Some charge and some don't so you have to have extra money. Or when you find out you planned to walk to a location and have to ultimately get a taxi because its way further than you expected or the route is challenging or unsafe or the last bus already left and you're stranded. Anyway, I experience many unexpected situations, but having USD, Euros and British Pounds as a backup was my way out of this situation. I arrived back home with only $20.00 out of my stash of USD. So, definitely take some extra money and stash it in a few places because I can guarantee you will need it. If you're doing a short trip to just one country, your experience won't be the same as an extended trip covering a multitude of border crossings and dealing with trains, buses, taxis, border officers/visas etc and fees, fees, fees 🙂

  5. rikadew says:

    I was in Belize last year.. Went to San Ignacio and San Pedro. unfortunately I wasn't a budget traveler back then and spent a lot of money getting there.  Keep the videos coming!!

  6. Cloma Sams says:

    I love, love, love the "REAL" stories of your travels.   You, Gabriel, are amazing.  The other world travelers  (old or Young) will not say the whole truth.   Real truth comes from the love to share with your fellow travelers!!!!!!!!       Sharing your knowledge with us is amazing.   Thank you and look forward to much more to come from you!!!!!!

  7. Mark Santucci says:

    The reason is because of the ease of credit cards, Financial company's like you to walk around with there card which on a bank card can have anywhere between 15.4 % interest and 20% on a retail store charge or store credit card those can go between 20% interest up to I think 28%.
    where as Travelers checks have no interest rates, no annual fees.

    stores don't like them anymore they want us to have there point cards which have a 24.00 annual fee. for a lot of people who don't live in big city's the suburbs it can be a hassle to find an American Express office, My closest office is on Church street in Brooklyn.
    for some people getting into there city it can take an hour or so.

    with the advent of Debit cards and credit cards giving us points and Cash back The once wonderful Traveler's check is unfortunley gone. But they do have 24 hours 7 days a week
    assistance, I actually called and spoke to an account mgr, she said a lot of people use checks for both business trips and vacations is she lying I don't know.

    I do think travelers checks are very cool. could you imagiane standing on line at Walmart, Target, Kohls and wanting to use Travelers Checks, most stores would say it takes to long with the ease of credit cards and debit cards we no longer have a great piece of History.

  8. Mark Santucci says:

    so the Country's that you visit when buying merchandise or staying at hotel do they take Travelers checks? what I mean is the general public?
    other than the Us are there any country's where the drinking age is 21?
    do these country's take credit cards for goods and services?
    as for gas stations do they have there own charge card out there, like in the Us?

  9. DavidisDawei says:

    Hey Gabe
    I flew into Cancun and out of Honduras and crossed into Belize in Chetumal as well.
    When you fly into the country, those "fees" are usually included in the price of the ticket, so I printed a copy and brought it with me and Mexico Immigration waived the fee

    Everyone should carry US dollars as a back up (especially when visiting multiple countries) should ATM not be available and credit cards not accepted.

    As an additional FYI, do you have a Charles Schwab ATM card? No fees on any ATM around the world – ATMs give the best exchange rate and no fees makes it a "no-brainer"

  10. Jordan Lee says:

    Love your videos and I want you to keep traveling and documenting it. Can you put ads on your videos? I always watch your videos and never see ads? Just curious?

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