27 thoughts on “Tokyo Disneyland Travel Guide

  1. moosefactory133 says:

    I know this sounds terrible for me to say but the one thing I noticed most about the people at this Disneyland is they are not fat and obese like the Disney theme parks in the US where I live

  2. Michiel Morssinkhof says:

    Great video! We have a trip there coming up. The reserved seating via lottery for the nighttime show, do they actually have seats / benches in place, or will you have to sit on the ground? Thanks!

  3. ISE D- says:

    And the ultimate margarita earth of Tokyo Disneyland (that is themed to ex-Mexico US states) is Critter Country, with themes of Western canyons and Western town with a saloon and it represents the Western side of American South, by states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and the music loop of Tokyo's Critter Country along with Splash Mountain's in ride music scores are in country-western style with banjos and harmonicas.

  4. ISE D- says:

    Pooh's Hunny Hunt is just like Paris Disneyland's Ratatouille ride with trackless style and the idea is based on Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride found in California Disneyland and WDW's Magic Kingdom.

  5. jihyunjulie says:

    The weird thing about Tokyo Disneyland is that it's not really in Tokyo, it's in Chiba pref. The station is calle Maihama, just in case you wanted to know 😉 )

  6. 2175Martin says:

    Our flight gets into narita airport around 9pm this December and we are staying at the Grand Sheraton in Tokyo bay , what the best transportation and how late do the trains and buses run on Sunday's ?

  7. Nct Zen says:

    man..I have study tours in tokyo so I just want to see where is tokyo disneyland…because my shecdule show we going to this place…I be like impossible!!!

  8. Tone B says:

    We're going in December.
    I'm going to be careful with the food because soy sauce popcorn is sounding rather bubble guttiest 🙂
    Fly to Chiba Japan just to get a bad case of the bubble guts from eating the weird combinations of foods. That doesn't sound fun at all but myself and my family are looking forwards to the trip in December. Great video bud.

  9. Lily Gonzalez says:

    loved your video! not sure if this is rude or not but how much did you pay for your full trip? (I'm planning to go so I want an estimate on how much it's gonna be roughly)

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