48 thoughts on “Travel Tips: How to Pack your Makeup

  1. زارا جوسف says:

    wat does she say towards the end of the video… "Psst….dont be an '??'. Dont forget to subscribe" ? I cudnt really figure out that particular word after 'dont be an'. Is it dont be an idiot by any chance😅

  2. Marcris Bernardo says:

    you're my savior!!! thank you for your helpful tips.this coming nov 4 were going to malaysia and its my 1st time to travel..thanks to your kindness of sharing your tips..nxt time visit here in philippines..thank u muahh <3

  3. Kay2be2mr says:

    Does the Vaseline and Visine eye drops I saw in your makeup bag also need to go with the rest of the liquids in the clear zip bag when going through security at the airport?

  4. TheLauren1113 says:

    Great bag!  My favorite has a similar idea, the Vera Bradley Blush and Brush.  It is nice and compact (I have the small size, they came outwith a larger one) and helps me keep everything in one place.

  5. MrFafa013 says:

    Sonia! I love your channel!!! It's so helpful!!!

    maybe this question im about to ask isn't the smartest but, can I carry this makeup bags with me on my carry-on bag? I mean.. on the plane. I'm traveling in may and I am trying to figure out everything I can and can't do. I really really want to be able to put makeup before landing.. So that's why I ask if its okay to have this makeup bags with me on the plane:)

    thank you! Besos

  6. Pratyush Ghosh says:

    Hey Sonia, I have one thing to ask u.. Me and my wife, we are going for a holiday in London.. My wife is soo much concerned about Sun.. She is soo much tensed that can she carry her Sunscreen with her or not?! What she use is Oriflame's SPF 50 and that is 1.69 fl.OZ…. Please help me

  7. rosaflowerss says:

    I have a question!! I saw your other video on toiletries and was wondering if liquid makeup would have to go in the clear quart sized bag with the toiletries instead of a regular makeup bag like the ones shown in this video?

  8. nene0003 says:

    These make-up bags look super cute!
    But for a traveller who wants to be out exploring the world and not spend time looking through bags, the only thing that truly works is SOMETHING SEE-TROUGH! Like a basic clear plastic material! It is so easy when you see all the products right there! Totally saved my mornings!

  9. Jess Gante says:

    Hi Sonia!! I'm one of your fans here in Thailand, though I'm a Filipino 🙂 I do love your videos!! It's simple, informative, and most of all entertaining!!! 🙂 Because of your videos, I started planning my vacation this December. I'll be visiting my best friend in Singapore. I hope I could see you in person!! KUDOS!!!! 🙂

  10. Rei-Hsi Lin says:

    I like your black bag, the one you have being used for four years. I didn't see the link for the web site to purchase. Please advice. Thank you very much. 

  11. TwincamVP says:

    Hi Sonia! I have a question. What kind of makeup do you recommend to take when traveling? What do you take? I know that some people over pack on makeup and don't use most of it. Any tips?

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