39 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG: HAVANA, CUBA + Tips & Advice!

  1. Giorgio G. says:

    What you guys don't know abut going to Cuba is that all the money you spend there, will end it up in the pockets of the government. Cuba has a planned economy dominated by state-run enterprises. Most industries are owned and operated by the corrupt government and most of the labor force is employed by the state. Owners of small private restaurants (paladares) originally could seat no more than 12 people and can only employ family members. Set monthly fees must be paid to the corrupt Cuban government regardless of income earned and frequent inspections yield stiff fines when any of the many self-employment regulations are violated. There is not freedom for the Cuban people only repression.
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  2. Sienna Linden says:

    Heyyyyyy , we’ve been living in Cuba for years now and we think the video wasn’t very accurate. There are a lot of nice clubs like Fabrica del Arte Cubano. Any virtual private network or VPN app is very useful if you want to use snapchat with the slow Cuban WiFi. Nice pics though

  3. hayleylowe1 says:

    I love this video! This really make me excited for my Cuba cruise I am going on next month and helped me with some outfit ideas!

    Question – What activity did you do to get your visa to travel in Cuba? I was told that I will need to take an 8 hour educational tour to be able to be granted an educational visa to leave the cruise ship in Cuba. I am trying to get around that if possible or do something that takes less time, as we only have so much time to visit in Cuba since it is a cruise. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!!

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