39 thoughts on “Travel Guide to Portland, Oregon l The Expeditioner

  1. dangercrowfarts says:

    Please California stop coming here we don't want you we don't like you nor your filthy ideas that destroyed California !. Please go away go east young man go east, why do all the men from California sound like women do they all talk like this were they drugged you know female hormones

  2. Phil Graves says:

    All the men in Portland are so effeminate like the guy in this video ,they may as well be gay. And the girls all fat and tatted up. Just listen to this guy's lisp. Typical Portland dude. Gay, gay gay, gay.

  3. dangercrowfarts says:

    A 100% California sHITTHOLE in the making , nearly complete homeless lying the street shitt everywhere , stupid, I left 7 years ago these idiots are ruining the entire West Coast wish they would have stayed in California , now these lonely bastards are calling the rest of their kind to join in….

  4. Tete Lady says:

    If your ever in Portland do NOT go to China town!! It is literally a bunch of light posted that they painted red and that's it, and it's filled to the brim with bums asking you for marijuana

  5. Johnathan Jester says:

    most of the White Oregonian Women who were born an bred in Oregon typically sleep an shack up with a Black man
    who knocks her up for kids then runs away mainly do there White Oregonian Dads beating them an molesting them when they were children

  6. 1Howdy1 says:

    People don't tend to shoot video on the tents on the streets, sidewalks, and grassy areas. It's so bad in some areas they put no camping signs on select sidewalks, so people can walk without stepping over other people. The result of this? The bums use these tent free zones to urinate. Urine is the freshest odor there is downtown.

    Video also tend to be shot on sunny days. Wouldn't know it from Youtube, but it can be cloudy and drizzle 60% – 75% of the time, with drought 2 1/2 months of summer. It's a wet, damp cold that chills to the bone. I've had Canadians visit and can't wait to get back to Winnipeg where it might be -25, but dry.

    A lot of people want to move to Portland. Few have the skills. People from the PNW started companies like MS, Intel, and Nike – the rest moved south to the silicon valley, (see above). Getting a minimum wage job serving beer/coffee won't cut it, doesn't pay and demand doesn't meet supply half the time – and that "better" paying job might mean at the local strip club, of which we have many.

    I know, you see videos of happy progressive people enjoying the local sights. Looks idyllic and beautiful, the people so happy. These people don't actually live here, they are visitors, just like you. Or they live with well off parents. Now, if you can convince your parents to move here to a half mil house in the subs…get them to move someplace where it's dry and warm at least half the time.

  7. cy says:

    Chinese garden? They just copied from japanese garden.I dont think they have cluture of garden.Probablry this guy is paied for kissing their ass.Chinese are the growing cancer mate.

  8. Big-Boss-Bear says:

    Portland is full of hobos and hipsters and is hard to distingush between the 2. Also there is strong smell of piss everywhere and voodo doughtnuts is overhyped as fuck. And there are stupid protests all the time. Its not as awsome or as weird as people say it is. Its just a less popular wannabe san fransisco. It can be a great city and has some wonderfull areas and a couple of activities to keep you entertained but the downtown area is severly held back from greatness by its lame citizens that accept all the hobos living on the streets and pissing, shitting, vomiting everywhere and its truly disgusting. Please clean your city. It may be eco friendly, but far from clean. Nevermind the rain. There are sjw everywhere. Got to the turist attraction and cover your nose as you walk from one block to the next. Because the smell of piss is everywhere. If your dream is to live here, visit the city and make sure its for you. Dont make your choice because of a youtube vid.

  9. Martin Kent says:

    Many of the parents in this city, ignore traffic laws with their children and many of these white-knuckle parents are completely unaware of how stupid this appears. Conscientious, ethical and law-abiding streets and adults are what youth deserve. Certainly not a freewheeling family phenomenon and a city slicker syndrome. The fact is, Portland residents are suffering from civic inattention and this resulted in an "Avalanche of Karma." Nice one, folks. Let's show the youth of Portland the respect they deserve, by obeying traffic laws. Let's show that we care, about law-abiding city streets. What do you think?

  10. sam smith says:

    The thing I hate most about hipster culture is the ageism. Here in Dublin a lot of the bars are now hipster bars and sprouting a grey hair will get you abuse from staff and customers. The miserable little pricks also love these little "Gardens" with little vegan food stands and beer made from their own piss. They sit around in their skinny jeans and pointy shoes furious that the organizers let in old people (over 40)

  11. Stephen Cholette says:

    Portland sucks… everythings overpriced, half the population is homeless, everyone smokes but doesn't have cigarettes, 30% tax bracket, every beer is loaded with hops, the people are raging pussies, no one has a job, food carts are guaranteed to give you malaria, its the dirtiest city ive ever seen, huge rats everywhere, no one knows how to drive(just watch a Oregon drivers comp), Voodoo donuts suck and is run by pedophiles, strip clubs are just raunchy(the girls are beyond a heroine addiction), meth is the drug of choice despite being able to buy pot in a store, the coffee is just a gimmick and will cost on average $4 for a 8oz. cup, stores open/close whenever they feel like it; to many times have I travelled out to check out a store just to find it's closed despite checking and seeing it was open on google,  nothing is open before 11, they have no idea how to deal with snow; an inch will shut everything down and they refuse to salt because of the fucking salmon, protest every week for no reason other than to shut down the city s these freeloaders don't have to work, Trimet always has issues and shut downs despite Portlands claim that its the most efficient public transit, I can keep going but you get the idea. Fuck Portland, Don't go unless you like living in a tent.

  12. frisco21 says:

    When Liberalism dies, there will always be Portland, Oregon. It's long been a bastion for Leftist causes. Portland gave Barack Obama a record turn-out when he campaigned there in 2008. During the recent presidential run, Bernie Sanders got a boffo reception in Portland, where he's a rock-star-status celebrity. Ralph Nader once had a big fan-base there. Even the Republicans are mostly moderates in Portland. Gay marriage, green-oriented living, environmental consciousness, celebration of diversity — all of these Liberal-minded things, and much more, are a natural part of the tapestry in Portland, Oregon. Portland also serves to highlight the overwhelming inclusiveness of the United States as a whole. Any country that can have both Oregon and Mississippi as states is doing a terrific job as a nation.

  13. Umar J says:

    Spokane WA is the great place to live very clean awesome people always green my wife she's asked me to move to Portland we will ahead to Portland next summer we will see the deference

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