22 thoughts on “Top 7 Travel Tips for South Korea

  1. Luzys says:

    Okay guys…. Last summer I stayed in Korea for three weeks (vacation) and here is my ultimate Tipp… I wish I would've known that before because it was SO EMBARRASSING. If you're in a shop like make up shop or kakaotalk shop, you can't just grab the product and pay for it. These are JUST EXAMPLES and you need to ask somebody who works there to give you the real product! It was so embarrassing when I grabbed this shirt in Kakao talk shop and Two co-workers followed me through the shop while they tried to explain to me in English that I can't buy that because it's an example. That happened so many times to me and the people always panicked and I felt so bad T.T its just really embarrassing…

  2. Jenna G. says:

    if you ever come to Arizona don't assume you should only pack shorts and tank tops. we do get snow in northern Arizona and a lot of tourists complain about the cold weather.
    but you'll want to wear the SPF all year around, because as you already know, "the sun is a deadly laser" and the desert gets that ten-fold.

  3. Justine Robert says:

    Tips for travelling in Vancouver, BC : When you get out of the airport do not take a taxi! It will almost cost you a kidney they are so expensive. Instead take the skytrain, it takes you right downtown and you can easily connect by bus or walk to your accomodations.

    Another tip: if travelling at any time other than july or august pack an umbrella because it could rain at absolutely any time.

  4. Daryl Salazar says:

    Hello Guys, you may visit also my vlog for those who love KDramas. There are lots of KDrama filming locations during our vacation in South Korea (July 14-18, 2017). I also inclded the itinerary and actual expenses during our tour. Enjoy watching 🙂
    Day1 : Nami Island| Petite France| Garden of the Morning Calm

    Day2 : Gyeongbukgong Palace| Insadong| Bukchon Hanok Village| Pungmoon Highschool (Goblin & Bride's first met)| Unhyeongung Western House (Goblin's House)| Heo Joon Jae's House in Legend of the Blue Sea| NSeaoul Tower

  5. Nikhilesh Murthy says:

    Hi guys, love your videos. Came across them when I was planning a backpacking trip to Korea in a month or so. Had a few questions after watching this video, would you be able to help out? Here goes –

    1. How's the scene when it comes to renting a scooter in places like Jeju? We drive on the left hand side where I come from, so driving a car might not be a great option.
    2. You mention that most places accept international debit and credit cards. Is that only in Seoul, or would I be fine even if I travel to Busan, Jeju, etc?
    3. What's the weather like in early June?
    4. The google maps not working but has me worried as that's been my survival tool whenever I've traveled. Any other equivalent app in English that can help with getting around?
    5. Where could I pick up a sim card to use for the 20 days I'm there?

    Thanks in advance guys. Love the videos. Stay awesome.

  6. inmanalex3393 says:

    in this video, she said you're screwed if you dont have cash on you in Japan. False, i just spent 2 weeks in Tokyo, Japan and used my card almost everywhere, and every atm i used worked just fine.

  7. Gi-Gi Saint says:

    in fort Myers I worked at the airport and the employees always wanted to tell people to NEVER buy food IN the airport ( obviously didn't cuz of the manager) because 2 minutes away is a shopping center with nice restaurants and fast food at decent prices when we were charging like $5 for a hotdog.

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