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  1. Prathamesh Joshi says:

    Use Ola/uber applications to book cabs. They charge you exact amount. Also try to download apps like M-indicator. It shows fare/km to different routes and transport modes. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  2. raghumr72 says:

    When you come here, pls choose to stay in some decent hotels; dont stereotype thge way usually westerners do. We're fed up. You need to visit the structures of glory of India's past dating back to 2000-2500 yrs. You will be surprised to see India's prowess in engineering & architecture dating back to 2000-2500 yrs. Many temples are super structures; even today, with the kind of technology, one cant find extremely difficult to build the similar strucures. Also, Pls spend some money here. Just because cheap accommodations are availble, dont stay there. Here, even poor ppl wont stay there, you foreigners stay & stereotype India has only this. The fact is foreigners dont spend enough money or they wont be having enough money to spend. Come & stay in decent places.
    Must Visit for Heritage sites.Though many temples means religious places but they are all heritage strucures, enjoy the extreme engineering prowess & architecture existed in ancient india. Take a bet you will be totally different from other Vlogers who show same stuff stereotyping india as a poor country with nothing is availble. The fact is the foreigners who come here are poor & cant afford and paint that everything remains like that. Pls chk out ๐Ÿ‘‡
    1) Ajanta -Ellora cave temples.Aurangabad
    2) Elephanta caves; Mumbai.
    3) Brihadeshwara temple
    4) Madurai Meenakshi temple.
    5) Belur-Halebid temple
    6) Swamy Narayan temple.
    7) Sri Rangam temple.
    8) Rajasthan has a great wall of India.Dont miss.
    9) Hampi -Badami
    10) Goa.
    11)TAJ MAHAL can be seen or may be ignored this over rated structure.
    Wishing you all the best. Happy holidays in India

  3. Monami Haque says:

    South India is great. You guys can explore Bangladesh also. Chittagong and Cox's Bazar (world's largest sea beach) won't disappoint you. Also Sylhet is an amazing city.

  4. Kush Sheth says:

    ALERT- Long Post(Do read once if you are travelling to India)

    I would like to talk more about women safety issue in my country India. The problem is, a certain percentage of population is not educated and hence they behave in highly irresponsible forgetting the fact that they are representing 125 Crores Indian on the global platform. Their are problems and there have been many unfortunate incidents. Government is working on this and we as a citizen of this country will try our best to make it more safer and make you feel like home. Other major problems are Cleanliness, traffic, following rules.

    India is completly different in each direction. If you plan to visit Gujarat it is located next to Rajasthan you can have a chance of seeing Asiatic lions, Temples(there are more temples in India then play grounds), Palitana it is like 900 years old and at 600 m height, Saputara, beaches, Gandhi Ashram, Ship breaking yards(2nd Largest in the world) and many others. I am attaching gujarat tourism official website for reference purpose http://www.gujarattourism.com/

    The best part of the year to visit Gujarat is Navratri (google it)

    Coming on food and cultural in this part of world is highly different than what you will see in North, South, East of India. Majority of the population is vegetarian but they all share love for food and you will encounter N number of places to try new things.

    Coming on to how to take out the best of India and travelling with ease.
    1. Transportation-

    Trains are ideally the best mode of transportation as you will be able to see real India and it would be more relaxing. Try to book your tickets, always carry an ID card(Passport)and keep it handy just in case if it asked. You can place your food order online and pay online and it will be delivered at your seat. You will have to select Station at which you want. This facility is available on mostly all trains. Check out official website of IRCTC( irctc.co.in). This food would be good both in terms of quality and tastes. Buying food from vendors they might charge you more if you dont have any idea on pricing. On the website they have clearly mentioned rates of items. You can buy foods(snacks) from Railway Station also and they cannot charge more than the amount written on the item.

    During winter's their is serve fog in the northern part of India hence trains get late. I am not defending that trains are always on time in India, but in very rare occasions it will be 4 to 5 hours late. You can also track departure and arrival history of your train in its previous trips on this website https://indiarailinfo.com/

    ONE MORE THING in case of emergency (I pray you will never need that )when you are on the train, there will be Police(not 100% sure) in AC Compatments(AC teir-1,2,3) you can contact them. If no one is helping you can tweet to https://twitter.com/PiyushGoyal he will surely help. FOR WOMENS they can dial 182 this helpline number is dedicated specifically for women travellers.

    Try to maintain some distance with people bcoz here people are more friendly and they don't understand where the border line lies. Never eat or accept anything from unknown.

    Flights network has changed drastically in past few years. It will be the fastest mode transportation and their are many websites like makemytrip, goibibo where you can find cheap flight tickets

    Bus- Select this as your last option even this is relaxing nowadays with advancement in road networks and good buses. You can book buses on redbus.in, paytm.com, PLEASE CHECK REVIEWS BEFORE YOU SELECT. Try to travel on VOLVO's because you will get comfortness and would avoid rush. DON'T ever travel by STATE TRANSPORTATION BUS.

    If you have more questions email me at kpsheth13@gmail.com


    P.S.- Pardon my grammatical and typing mistakes

  5. Clex29154 K says:

    Women have to be careful and cautious..no matter which country…1.ideal timings for solo woman traveller is 7am to 7.30pm.. dawn to dusk in India..2.no night adventures 3. get 4g internet as soon as you land..such that you could Google for anything you want…4.get your antibiotics beforehand..incase you fall sick 5.if you feel people are staring at you..then just smile nd say namaste… people stare here mostly because of curiosity nd not to trouble you or any evil intentions mostly 6.women travellers carry a scarf or a shawl..u might need it in some conservative or religious places 7.to counter the spicy food here..you can have lot of yougurt..which is good for your health nd gut 8.to revitalize your energy..you can frequently have sugarcane juice, buttermilk..nd glucon-d( you get it in chemist/ medical shop )9.take uber or ola cab for travelling..but don't be so careless that you fall asleep in it 10.advisable not to drink or smoke publicly or any PDA 11.do not consume soft drinks or food offered by strangers..they could be vultures in disguise 12.you could ask educated indian women or girl students for any help or advice.. preferably 13.do not go to small lanes or places were no women is there..14.in metro cities there are women taxi..incase you need..15.there are Big bazaar supermarkets in most of the cities..which is a indian version of walmart 16.Basically you cannot stereotype India..you find every range nd diversity here.. poverty to super rich…Street food to five star hotels..filth to clean nd greenery nd calm places..17.india has conservative places were women are fully covered i.e sarees to modern cities like Delhi..Mumbai.. Bangalore..hyderabad..kolkata…were you find women are in jeans..skirts..modern clothing 18.welcome to India..just don't panic.. come with no expectations.. explore yourself..there is fun in chaos here๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€ 19.if you find Street dog here..just walk far from it and don't give an eye contact..and you would be fine 20.at religious places nd temples you will find holy cows..monkeys..just be far..and you would be fine 21.to reduce culture shock and to get acclimatized best to first visit Mumbai then south India then finally to North India 22. Best route could be Mumbai to Goa to Kerela to Bangalore to Hyderabad to Delhi..Agra..mathura…Jaipur.. Lucknow..Varanasi…23. India has two types of toilets..one is indian toilet..where you need to squat..it is good for bowel movement nd people suffering from constipation ๐Ÿ˜Š and the other type is western toilet where you can sit and surf on your phone 24. Hinduism is a major religion in India..along with many other religious practices..Muslims..Christians..Jews..Buddhists..Jain's..Sikhs..25.in India major languages are English and Hindi..and many local languages..26.most of the times you don't have to Google translate in India because most of the people speak English with understandable indian accent 27.install your Google maps in the phone for hotel and restaurant location and reviews…28.incase you travel in a tuktuk vehicle for transportation..do not fight or argue or giggle at them…because they are as such frustrated with their struggle for existence…and have very less patience for arguments 29.try not to argue with lower strata people for petty things..am saying because some tourist do๐Ÿ™„ 30. When in Rome..be like a Romans…31.india is not what media/ news channels portraits as slums..dirty..filthy..full of poverty..rapes…you will know India ..only when you visit..32.have yakult probiotic drink,amul buttermilk,Amul yougurt, sugarcane juice,coconut water,bananas to avoid upset stomach..

  6. Lost Under the Sky says:

    I'm looking forward to India, already booked my flight, and I'm trying to book my train tickets. I already registered with IRCTC.co but I can't go any further until i get the OTP verification codes for my email and mobile number. I registered with cleartrip already. What's the best way to book the ticket from overseas, i'm from california. i read in seat61 that I need to register with IRCTC an cleartrip. any tips is appreciated. I got 44 days to go until my flight departs

  7. Tours'n Beyond says:

    there is more in the south … mountains, forest , villages, towns & cities….from my POV it can not be shared as a comment… if any one interested can email and I give where and how to travel the south..BTW, I am from south but living in USA for last 20+ years..

  8. dave nelson says:

    Didn't you like spend 1- 2-3 days at most in each place you visited in India?!?

    Spend more time and I'll see if your advice is legit! But have a nice vlog and hope your making lot's of money from it and continuing your adventure! lol

  9. Muneer A says:

    helo guys u didnt try kerala south part .its seems ur in del and bom.i will inviting u at my home where ever u want visit in kerala im great plesure to welcome .there is no more problem at all guys

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