42 thoughts on “Experiencing Carnival in Venice Italy | Hidden Gems and Travel Tips

  1. Marta Castelli says:

    Hi, I am from Venice! Just wanted to say thank you for this vlog because it gives a realistic idea of what living in Venice really means and shows the beauty of the city. Such a peculiar place should be more respected by everyone!

  2. Emanuel Neves says:

    Some parts of the video got really scenic! Like that part (16:38), that costume in the sunset was great. Good job!
    I've been to Venice and I think it must be worth to wait and visit during Carnival.
    I don't think it is the top city to visit in Italy but it's plenty different from all others for the decorative objects, typical foods,…
    Food is expensive but we've found a pizza place called Farini, where you can easily get by with a filling slice of pizza and good coffee for around 5 euros.

  3. telsah1 says:

    I love Venice. I went their with my Mum Some years ago, My father had been stationed there in the British Army when the little island opposite the big old  front steps, in old paintings,  was the army barracks. He was there for two years and always wanted to go back. Wanted to live there or live in Italy. But he never got to go back, especially as he became disabled and could not but he loved it that we did and when we got there and stood opposite his old barracks we phoned him. & When got home he loved all the pictures and books we brought back for him.   I loved your masks.  Brilliant video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Erika Calvert says:

    Stunning vlog!! Thank you! One of my very first travel experiences was a trip to Italy and I will never forget the overwhelming emotion I felt as I took a trip on the vaporetto down the grand canal. And you are right about letting yourself get lost on the tangled web of side streets!

  5. Kelli Rustin says:

    Gorgeous video capturing what is unique about Venezia!
    Thanks for talking about what I found most fascinating about Venice, how people went about their daily work.
    I loved getting up early to see how the Venetians started their day.
    And who’s idea was it to put stairs on the bridges anyway??

  6. Ry Telford says:

    Great videos guys. I was a little underwhelmed by Venice myself…after hearing it's one of the nicest places on earth I was expecting big things. Worth seeing once in your life but I would not go back.

  7. Giedre says:

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  8. SallyG May says:

    I HATED Venice …spent 2 days there it literally rained the whole time I was there like torrential rain I was soaked to the bone for 40 out of 48 hours I was there

  9. Green Fuck says:

    Such a perfect video reminds me of the Animated film called 《水都守护神:拉帝欧斯拉帝亚斯》which made by Japan,I dream to have a tour in Venice.

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