36 thoughts on “Myanmar (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. Roongpha CR says:

    Why Myanmar people still in poor and undevelopment , while military leaders and thier colleague wealth and rich in capital city, military leader earn money from oil&gas business with China and Thailand , but all income have paid for weapon ,what about Myanmar people , they stiil in poor , infrastructure and telecomunication still not enough and limit only big city.

  2. Amish Mike says:

    Peace, prosperity & long live to all beautiful people of Burma.
    Google 'Long-Live Indochina/China Daily' for truth on this wonderful but tragic nation.

  3. Death Poem says:

    Welcome to our golden land MYANMAR!! Great tradition culture and kindly people are warmly welcome to all of Visitors !!!! I'm so missing my country ! Because now I'm working at other country !

  4. Sara says:

    Stay strong muslims in myanmar, these idol worshippers think that a statue will help them. don't expect anything nice or logical from this people.

  5. briantravelman says:

    Oh my God! I wanna go there SOOOOOOOOOOO bad! Absolutely incredible country. It would probably take me a few days to explore all of Bagan. Why they no show Golden Rock pagoda?

  6. Gerhard Müller says:

    Wir haben es genossen in Myanmar zusein.Wir hoffen auch daß nicht alles comerzialisiert wird.
    Land u. Leute sind ein Genuss.Wir kommen wieder und verzichten auf Thailand.

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