30 thoughts on “Oslo Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. SWG GR says:

    I'm Gonna Outta Of Here.It's too expensive.You'll be regret.Frequenly,Even,That's Too good though. (I Watched The Dublin Version I'm Proud Thanks Expedia!)

  2. Tea time says:

    sorry to say this but oslo isn't a very beautiful.
    old city is next to impossible to see due to it loacation.
    and the museum is way out of the sentrum.
    and the reason you woud wisit norway is to travel out side the major citis like oslo.
    and discover the scenery and cultur.

  3. Jack Gates says:

    Expedia, I love your videos, they have inspired me to want to adventure to so many places I've never even given a second thought to before. Keep up the good work.

    Any chance of a travel guide for Stockholm, Helsinki or Geneva soon? They would be a great watch.

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