21 thoughts on “Camera Gear Travel Tips for Shooting Destination Weddings

  1. Marek Jaworski says:

    just started to fallow you, great videos, very informative, thank you!
    what is the video light that you use? checked your gear but you didn't mention it there, could you give me the brand and model? so you don't use dedo anymore and went to cordless? thank you for answer.

  2. Miklos Nemeth says:

    Do you use ND filters when shooting outside? I didn't see variable ND filters in your pack. The RX100 has built in ND filter, though. Fun to watch and very educational movie.

  3. I AM KING WIlliam says:

    Hey guys…always great to see your content…thanks
    How is 4k editing for You? What specs are good for editing 4k? Is that laptop your main computer? How does the laptop manage? Thanks

  4. Imagery Wedding Films says:

    Hey! Two questions: I see that you pack your tripods, slider, monopod together…does that bag allow you to pack multiple items in it? Or how many of those bags do you pack so that your tripods, monopod, slider and light stands fit? Second question, what's your ceremony set up like since you have two shooter? I see that you have the angle down the aisle, both the bride and groom's face, but you also have slider shots going as well, so do you lock down 2 cameras, someone mans another and one person does the slider? Thanks!

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