46 thoughts on “Melbourne Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Melbourne Australia

  1. stephen melb says:

    As a Melbournian, you did an excellent review of our city. Very impressed with your knowledge. I enjoy watching all your '"things to know…" videos on all cities in the world. You should be on a television travel show!

  2. Iona Mapa says:

    I’m considering taking my postgraduate studies in Melbourne and this was very helpful!!! So informative, interesting, and easy/entertaining to watch. Thank you!!!

  3. Mick Curry says:

    I agree winter is 9 months long in Melbourne but it is fairly mild and rarely need to wear a coat. I disagree with "it rains a lot in Melbourne". It has rained about 6 times in the last 4 months we are in drought. Multi-billions of dollars has been spent on a desalination plant to ensure the future water supply. Melbourne actually gets less than half the rainfall of Sydney. I don't think Melbourne is a great tourist destination – I think you need to live here to really get to love and appreciate Melbourne. Melbourne gets less than half the tourists of Sydney. Sydney is the face of Australia but Melbourne is the heart and soul.

  4. Paul Leong says:

    Awesome video, your knowledge of Melbourne almost as good as Melbournian. Let me add few more things about Melbourne. Although Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, but Melbourne hosts all the world events: Australia Open (Tennis), Moto GP and F1 GP. You've got another subscriber.

  5. Diviny71 says:

    Winter is like 9 months long? I wish winter was 9 months long. It will be the 8th of April this Sunday, which is the second month of Autumn, expected temperature is 30 degrees. Your video is factually wrong with regard to the weather.

  6. Robbinozz says:

    I was born in Melbourne. Haven't been there for awhile except for the airport. Sentimental to me. I live in Tasmania now, come and visit sometime. Anyhow good vid. Keep up the good work.

  7. Rafael Franco says:

    Any tips to where I should go!? I live in m coco city and I also us to live in the USA for over 18 years so I can speed English very well so where should I go that u can fin a job and star a life!

  8. phillip kalaveras says:

    BEWARE: The liberal government of Australia has let in 10's of thousands of sub-Saharans Africans who are currently terrorizing Melbourne and many other cities. I think the police have been ordered to stand down for they appear powerless in their ability to stop them. Fewer and fewer citizens risk going out at night and the number of home invasions, assaults and rapes are increasing weekly. We're told this is the new normal and to get used to it. Most of it never makes the news, the same thing is happening in Europe and was supposed to be in America also but has been put on hold because of Donald Trump. There is an unseen hand in Western countries that we know nothing of and liberals are obviously a part of. This is insanity !!!!!

  9. Prahasta Wahyu says:

    Melbourne will always be a home for me…
    Miss Melbourne so much…
    Will I ever come back home???
    I can only dream about it, with all that has happened through my life currently….

  10. Illy Boulder says:

    English is a Scandinavian language, it belongs to the Northern Germanic language group, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and Faroese. Gaelic is the NATIVE language of Britain. Also, English is not the NATIVE language of Australia. Stop the colonisation of the world by the English.

  11. Mitchell Yao says:

    When i was saw it it was dark, there was lifhts eveeywjere, good arribal than i walked around to get some money out than i went to find a hotel, some people i asked pointed out mercyre where i lived fkr 4 days in a hotel zpendimg $1000, lots of things, in the city, font like tje weather, its cold and hot, people were nicre but it has a river that is dirtu unlue tje harbour, finally i travelled around the streets and went to St Kilda south or east of the city and left to go back to Sydney, didnt used tje pt only taxis, scary but very safe here by myself as a young man as indroduced by two ols guys on the train there and bavk home here. P.s it 2az July 2015, cant wait to fo somewhere else in Australia soon.

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