30 thoughts on “Tenerife Travel Guide: Top 10 Things To Do (4K)

  1. Sergio Hernández Méndez says:

    I'm from Tenerife and I have been to the very top of Teide. I have even seen dawn twice at the top, which by the way, totally with it. So that information about a protected peak banned from visitors is luckily false.

  2. Jennifer Anderson says:

    What a fab video!😄It's great to see the north of the island getting a shout out…Places like Garachico and Icod are just so beautiful – while in the north, it is definitely worth stopping off in smaller villages like La Victoria, Santa Ursula and Tegueste as well as La Laguna where some of the best food on the island is and great wine! And I agree, jump on a boat and explore the other islands if you can. La Gomera and La Palma will not disappoint💕

  3. Paco Mata says:

    Finally a very good video, normally they just talk about clubbing and Loro Park. Very welldone mate! Thanks for show that my place is not just for partying

  4. Steve Walsh says:

    I just got back from Tenerife 2 days ago
    Stayed at Los cristianos at the Torres DEL sol apartments
    Love it their as it’s quite central and literally 2 min from the beach and pasao
    Definitely my fav place for a holiday !!!!

  5. Xx DRAUDE xX says:

    Nice video Man. I really enjoyed it, however i live here in Tenerife (South). Its great for us to hear that tourists Like you, got a breathtaking, from views of this island!!

  6. Gara .Hernández says:

    When you talked about Santa Cruz you actually mixed up some footage of another city called La Laguna, World Heritage but really forgotten by tourists because all they want to do is get a tan

  7. Daniel Graham says:

    I have an apartment in Los Cristianos Tenerife and I just came back yesterday and I’m going again and where he was filming by the white and orange apartment that was mine

  8. Bandit Darville says:

    We've stayed in Las Americas and i can definitely recommend that right along with Los Christianos. You can walk from either town to the other along the long stretching boulevard and the malls are nice to walk through as well. Get seated at any beach side restaurant and haggle with the (illegal) immigrants over 5 doller Rolex watches. Some very talented street artists too if you look out for them. I definitely recommend going there outside the summer season; There are less tourists and Del Teide is stunning to ride up on during autumn. The island is fairly small and if you are to stay for longer than a week, you can also consider to rent a scooter and go exploring. There are some very nice pittoreske villages and roads to ride and the people are very friendly everywhere. (except for the odd salesmen) Cheers!

  9. Rafael Echeverria says:

    Your comment about THE DRAGO is unnecessary and offensive, that tree and its age is ALMOST the only attractive in that little town..and you dare to question its antiquity? what is worth? honestly a big fail of you…10 thumbs down….

  10. bekki bass says:

    If you want to experience tenerife like the people that live there consider los abrigos, there's no real tourism and bars clubs etc but it has beautiful beaches and landscapes. Its perfect if you don't like crowded places:)

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