49 thoughts on “TRAVEL TIPS: How to Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling!

  1. Çetin Yılmaz says:

    I love traveling with my family. I lost the suitcase during the last summer vacation, unfortunately it was in my passports and all my travel documents.
    The next day I got the news that you had a tour operator. But all my documents were wet and unusable because I was in the rain for a whole day.

    When I did a little research on the internet I saw that there were protection bags recommended for travel.I ordered this product

    "Fireproof Document Bag by Loods" https://www.amazon.com/Fireproof-Document-Non-Itchy-Resistant-Documents/dp/B078HWZC8G

    and solved this problem. I especially recommend that you take the ones that are zipped.

    I hope you will not have to test it.

  2. iPulse Leather says:

    Hi, this is a good review. Can you please make a review for us? We have a minimalist wallet holds up to 12 cards and bills , remain credit card size, and made of full grain leather features RFID

  3. Mark Santucci says:

    I  think it's very good advice .  if  cash gets stolen  you can't replace it.  so if somebody says  give me your wallet  and  the burglar looks in and sees no cash  he could take out a gun and shoot you.  it's better to have 2 wallets the way Pause showed us  I  applaud him  .

  4. Jaywalking Inc says:

    Oh no! I was traveling in South East Asia with little Storus smart pocket and I lost it in Chiang Mai and had to replace it with a normal brown wallet =/ I also lost my credit cards with it but those can be replaced lol my storus is gone forever!

  5. Aphrodite says:

    Hi! It seems that you are an expert traveller. I am wondering how can you find your way around while visiting a new city? do you just ask people? please any advice? I wanna visit couple cities but I'm reluctant because I am afraid to be lost !

  6. Mark Santucci says:

    I have a question for summer travelers when the tempetaure is 85 degrees or more
    where are we suppose to keep our real wallet and where are we suppose to keep our dummy wallet? somebody metioned I think in this thread that you should keep cards, cash and other forms of payments in seperate places, what's a vacation traveler suppose to do when we no longer have coats on with pockets and there walking around in shorts and a t shirt let's say Chicago, Puerto Rico , Washington Santa Monica , Rome Italy, the caribean however you spell it. where should the real wallet be and where should the dummy wallet be for people who are wearing t shirts and shorts?

    I would say this video has to be in the top 3 videos on you tube I'm glad I saw this video.

    Now I rember a couple of your older videos you were talking to us about the top 3 credit cards with no Foreign transaction fees the schwab credit card capital1 venture card I forgot what you had as the third card but when you travel to a Foreign country do you have
    any of those 3 if so which ones ? or do you use a different credit card when traveling out of the country?

  7. Mark Santucci says:

    I agree with pause the moment you can keep your original drivers license in your real wallet.. But if your on vacation let's say Santa Monica and you have a car rental , you checked into a hotel everybody has to have a drivers license for a hotel correct?

    I understand what you are saying if your visiting a city like La, Washington, Chicago , Philly
    New York you probably don't need a drivers license just a photo id am I correct? or do you still need a drivers license to check into a big city hotel ? what if your from that suburbian area?

    if your going on vacation they know that your a tourist whether your in a touristy suburb area like sarasota Florida, Santa Monica California or a big city like Chicago, La , Philly ect
    shouldn't there be a hotel room key that's not activated? the one that works in your other wallet?

    If somebody were standing in front of you opened up your dummy wallet and saw no room key, no drivers license , just an old visa gift card and a costco membership card they may say to you give me your real wallet what would you do ?

  8. Mark Santucci says:

    I have a question with the dummy wallet while on vacation are we suppose to have an additional drivers license and are we suppose to have a room key that's not activated?

  9. Acylumgaming says:

    I got this for my big Europe backpacking trip because of this video!!! kept my schwab card and about 50euro in there at all times and got so comfortable with it by the end of the trip I didnt even have to remove it to get what I wanted out and I still use it domestically when I go to busy places like amusement parks

  10. David Amber says:

    Hi! I'm up-and-coming producer/artist trying to get some exposure for a few of my tracks. I'd love to let you use the music for free in one of your videos. I'm just looking to get my name out there. Let me know if you have any interest, you can listen to the songs on my channel. If you like it I can send over the mp3. Thanks!

  11. stevo728822 says:

    Stupid advice.  Keep your cash separate from your cards.  That way you can afford to lose one or the other and still have access to money.  Divide your cash into separate locations so you don't lose it all in one go.  The more locations you keep your money sources, the less likely you are to find yourself without any money.  If you have train or flight tickets then keep them separate too.

  12. mydogstar says:

    When I was living in NYC in the 70s and 80s, I always kept impt stuff in a place on my body and always carried what I called a "mugger's wallet."  I kept $10 and a few membership cards (not under my name or with my addy) in it.  It worked,too! Was mugged/purse snatched a couple of times, but they never got anything important.  Still do it when I travel.  I also hide a few bills in chapstick tubes: one in my purse and one in my car..

  13. Rajiv Maity says:

    Awesome advice, I was like use to carry those big wallets, to carry all my money, passport and Id and stuff… and still use to worry as it was visible to others on road, but this idea is great. thanks again great work.

  14. jevocke says:


    I had a question that you probably have some great advice about. I am traveling to Argentina for the year but am flying into Lima because it's cheaper. I booked a roundtrip ticket for the duration of the trip but since i will be crossing borders, I won't have anything more than a tourist visa. How do you get around the necessity to have an "onward ticket" ? I was going to buy a fully refundable ticket for a few weeks after i get to Lima and present that as my proof that I am leaving.

  15. Edward Tapp says:

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