26 thoughts on “TOKYO TRAVEL GUIDE // EXPLORE UENO : Giant Snack Supermarket & Underground Fish Markets

  1. The World n Us says:

    We're heading to Tokyo in early July. We've got plans to spend some time in Ueno. The smelly underground market looks tempting but I think we'll give it a miss. We saw the Toshogu Shrine on our last trip. Very nice spot πŸ‘Œ
    ~ David

  2. Lachlan Pitt says:

    5:03 PSFA! Anyone shopping for business wear (I can only really speak for the mens side) and want a kind of fashionable/young/slim alternative to Aoyama and Haruyama, I recommend PSFA! Also, GO NUTS! Hahahaha

  3. Tokyo Drew says:

    Great vlog…Norm is awesome. He should of taken you to under the tracks mall…a much better and cheaper snack place…but also love the store he took ya too also. Great channel too. subbed ya…any friend of Norm is awesome!

  4. Zabieru McCloud says:

    When you said it smelled like wet dog… I said in my head "It must be you huahuahua". Inside joke.

    Also at first I found you kind of annoying but you grew on me. Great video and he really stole the show lol.

  5. Perdomot says:

    Awesome video. So glad to see Ueno getting some love. One of my fave areas in Tokyo and I'll be staying there again in Sept. when I visit Japan again.

  6. Anne Le Blond says:

    Hi LoveLyzKelly, I am trying to translate your video to french, but I couldn't understand what the Ueno Toshogu shrine was dedicated to, and the founder of what? and a few second later at 8:05 the name of this pagoda? Cheers.

  7. Alexis Muscado says:

    Hello! Can you please do a video of the nut free restaurants you eat at? Im travelling all over Japan in July and I'm a little nervous of eating out with a peanut/ nut allergy. Thank you πŸ™‚

  8. Skye says:

    It was so good seeing you make this type of video again. You really looked like you were having a great day πŸ˜„ Definitely adding that snack store to my list for the next trip.

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